About Beiduo


BEIDUO Alloys began as a company dealing in Non-ferrous Filler Alloys in China, specialized in providing complete solutions in Brazing, Soldering and Welding applications.

With almost 20 years of experience, We operate in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration, diamond and carbide tipped tools, plumbing, heat-exchangers, motor industries and others.

BEIDUO Alloys can supply a very wide range of different products, from general purpose to special applications, from standard forms to tailored forms, to meet specific demands. All brazing alloy might be supplied in several formats, rods, wires, pre-forms (rings) washers, strips, and spools.

Thanks to an expertise almost 20 years in brazing materials, we can afford technical assistance in every step of your operations, especially in choosing right materials and processes.

BEIDUO Alloys's priority is to satisfy our customer's needs, by a continuous research to improve our products and service. We focus on offering flexibility, technical support, prompt and customized service to every customer.


Started working in Copper-phosphorus brazing and brass brazing field.

Began as a company dealing in Non-ferrous Filler Alloys in China, specialized in brazing field, copper base alloys and welding.

Due to the rapid growth in the brazing field in China, after having been developed for ten years, BEIDUO Alloys provides full range brazing, welding, soldering. BEIDUO also becomes the professional machines supplier in making brazing products.

BEIDUO Alloys continues to grow on international scale, developing new markets. We are looking for agents & distributors.