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Aluminum Bronze
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Aluminum Bronze Alloys

Aluminum bronze alloys based on copper suitable for the TIG / MIG techniques. Supplied as rods and wires

Standard Alloy Chemical Composition(%) Melting Range Application
Solidus Liquidus
AWS A5.7
BS EN14640
Cu:Bal. Al:6.0-8.5 Mn:0.5 Si:0.1 Zn: 0.2  Other:0.5 1030℃ 1040℃ Prefer for joining welding of pure and austenitic steel sheet. Maintain good temperament flow and creates seamless welding line.Suggested for the joining welding of copper with steel,particularly suitable for machinery and shipbuilding industry.Pulsed arc welding is recommended for multilayer on steel.
AWS A5.7
BS EN14640
Cu:Bal. Al:8.5-11.0 Fe:0.5-1.5 Si:0.1 Zn: 0.2  Other:0.5 1030℃ 1090℃ Particularly suitable for the overlay welding of copper,aluminum,and nickel material with steel. It has increased resistance to wear and abrasion,as well as superior corrosion resistence to seawater. Widely used for ship constructions, apparatus and plumbing. For multilayer welding on steel, pulsed arc welding is recommended
AWS A5.7
BS EN14640
Cu:Bal. Al:10.0-11.5 Fe:2.0-4.5 Si:0.1 Zn: 0.1  Other:0.5 1030℃ 1045℃ Recommended for the joining and overlay welding of copper-aluminum alloy, aluminum coated steel and cast iron .It has been widely used in shipbuilding, machinery, and the chemical industry. Best for high overlay welding requirement for hardness,resistance to wear, abrasion, and erosion.
BS EN14640
Cu:Bal. Al:7.0-9.5 Fe:0.5-2.5 Mn:0.5-2.5 Ni:0.5-3.0 Si:0.2 Zn: 0.2  Other:0.4 1030℃ 1050℃ Recommended for the joining and overlaying of copper-aluminum alloy, aluminum coated steel in machinery and chemical industry as well as for iron welding in shipbuilding.Also excellent for the join welding of brass tube and copper-aluminum that requires resistance to erosion.
AWS A5.7
BS EN14640
Cu:Bal. Al:8.5-9.5 Fe:3.0-5.0 Mn:0.60-3.5 Ni:4.0-5.5 Si:0.1 Zn: 0.1  Other:0.5 1015℃ 1045℃ Particularly suitable for welding casting and forging products of Cu-Al-Ni Material such as propellers,bearing weights,valves,pumps and pipe systems.Very good corrosion resistance to seawater.
AWS A5.7
BS EN14640
ERCuMnNiAl Cu:Bal. Al:7.0-8.5 Fe:2.0-4.0 Mn:11.0-14.0 Ni:1.5-3.0 Si:0.1 Zn: 0.15  Other:0.5 945℃ 985℃ Best for the overlay welding of iron-casting and non-alloy steel that especially need corrosion resistance. Also good for overlay welding of cast iron,non-alloy and low-alloy steel that require corrosion resistance.


Rods φ1.6-4.0mm      Length: 200-1000mm
Wires  Spools:φ0.6-1.6mm     Coils: 0.6-4.0mm