Al-Al Cu-Al Brazing Materials(Strips/wire)

Al-Al Brazing foils (strips)

Al88Si12 (4047) brazing strips

Used in the manufacture of aluminum flux cored wire and aluminum brazing.

Size: 0.4x7.0mm , 0.35x6.5mm, 0.42x6.5mm for making flux cored wire 0.2x30mm, 0.2x35mm and other sizes


Thickness (mm) Tolerance (mm)
0.1 ±0.002
0.11-0.2 ±0.004
0.21-0.5 ±0.007
0.51-1.0 ±0.010
1.0-1.5 ±0.020

Cu-Al Brazing Materials (strips / wire)

Used in the manufacture of copper aluminum flux cored wire

Normalized type: #802 ZnAl alloy

Special type: #822 ZnAl alloy

Flow of 822 Zn-Al alloy is better than 802.

Mormalized size: 0.4x7.0mm, 0.35x7.2mm