Diamond and Carbide Tipped tools

For Diamond tipped tools, tungsten carbide tipped tools, tools for working and cutting of stone, saw blades, crushers, mining and drilling tools, surgical instruments, etc.

High temperature brazing materials

Standard Alloy Chemical Composition(%) Melting Range
Solidus Liquidus
DIN EN 1044
EN ISO 3677
Cu: Bal. Ni:2.5-3.5 B: 0.02-0.05 1085℃ 1100℃
/ Cu87MnCo3 Cu: Bal, Mn:10  Co:3 980℃ 1030℃
/ Cu86MnNi2 Cu: Bal.  Mn:12  Ni: 2 960℃ 990℃
/ Cu85MnNi3 Cu:Bal.   Mn:12,  Ni:3 960℃ 990℃
/ Cu67MnNi9 Cu:Bal.  Mn: 24, Ni:9 950℃ 955℃
/ Cu58ZnMnCo2 Cu:58  Mn: 2 Co:2  Zn: Bal. 875℃ 890℃
/ Cu55ZnMn4Ni6 Cu: 55  Ni: 6  Mn:4 Zn: Bal. 880℃ 920℃
/ CuMn38Ni9.5 Cu:Bal. Ni: 9.5  Mn:38 880℃ 925℃
BS EN14640
Cu:Bal. Al:7.0-9.5 Fe:0.5-2.5 Mn:0.5-2.5 Ni:0.5-3.0 Si:0.2 Zn: 0.2  Other:0.4 1030℃ 1050℃
AWS A5.7
BS EN14640
Cu:Bal. Al:8.5-9.5 Fe:3.0-5.0 Mn:0.60-3.5 Ni:4.0-5.5 Si:0.1 Zn: 0.1  Other:0.5 1015℃ 1045℃
AWS A5.7
BS EN14640
ERCuMnNiAl Cu:Bal. Al:7.0-8.5 Fe:2.0-4.0 Mn:11.0-14.0 Ni:1.5-3.0 Si:0.1 Zn: 0.15  Other:0.5 945℃ 985℃

Brass brazing alloys



Standard Alloy Chemical Composition(%) Melting Range
Solidus Liquidus
AWS A5.8
BS EN14640
Cu:59 Sn:0.6 Zn:Bal. Other:0.5 886℃ 901℃
AWS A5.8
BS EN14640
Cu:58 Fe:0.7 Si:0.1 Mn:0.5 Ni:0.5 Sn:1.0  Zn:Bal. Other:0.5 866℃ 882℃
AWS A5.8 RBCuZn-C Cu:58 Fe:0.7 Si:01 Mn:0.5  Sn:1.0  Zn:Bal. Other:0.5 866℃ 888℃
AWS A5.8
BS EN14640
Cu:48 Si:0.1 Ni:10.0  P: Max0.25 Zn:Bal. Other:0.5 921℃ 935℃
HS221 Cu:59 Sn:1.0 Si:0.2  Zn:Bal. Other:0.5 875℃ 890℃
Cu48ZnNi9Ag Cu:48 Zn:Bal.  Ag:1 Ni:9 Si:0.2 Other:0.5 890℃ 920℃

High silver brazing alloys

Standard Alloy Chemical Composition(%) Melting Range
Solidus Liquidus
AWS A5.8 BAg-35  Ag:34-36 Cu:31-33  Zn:32-34 677℃ 732℃
AWS A5.8 BAg-5  Ag:44-46 Cu:29-31  Zn:24-26 663℃ 743℃
AWS A5.8 BAg-6  Ag:49-51 Cu:33-35  Zn:14-18 688℃ 714℃
AWS A5.8 BAg-12  Ag:29-31 Cu:27-29  Zn:20-22  Cd:20-22 600℃ 690℃
AWS A5.8 BAg-1  Ag:44-46 Cu:14-16  Zn:14-16  Cd:23-25 595℃ 630℃
AWS A5.8 BAg-7  Ag:55-57 Cu:21-23 Zn:16-18 Sn:4.5-5.5 620℃ 650℃
BAg18CuZnSn  Ag:17.5-18.5 Cu:45-47 Zn:33-35 Sn:1.5-2.5 780℃ 810℃
BAg30CuZnSn  Ag:29-31 Cu:35-37 Zn:31-33 Sn:1.5-2.5 650℃ 750℃
BAg40CuZnSn  Ag:39-41 Cu:29-31 Zn:27-29 Sn:1.5-2.5 650℃ 710℃
BAg40CuZnSn  Ag:44-46 Cu:26-28 Zn:23-27 Sn:2.5-3.5 650℃ 710℃

Flux coated tungsten carbide chips  rods

YG(70%) CuNiZn(30%) carbide copper alloy brazing rod  

it is mainly used for surfacing welding the oil, mining, coal mining, geology, construction and other industries in some serious wear and tear or artifacts of both cutting.Such as: milling shoes, grinding, centralizer, reamer, drill pipe joints, hydraulic cutter, scraper, plough planer knives, core bit, piling drill, twist drill, etc.

Grade Size(mm) Scrap size(mm) Color
YD-9.5 9.5 9.5~6.5 dark green
YD-8 8.0 8.0~6.5 dark blue
YD-6.5 6.5 6.5~5.0 red
YD-5 5.0 5.0~3.0 yellow
YD-3 3.0 3.0~2.0 pink
YD-10mesh 10mesh 10~18mesh light green
YD-18mesh 18mesh 18~30mesh light green
YD-30mesh 30mesh 30~50mesh light yellow

ROD SIZE:  12*280mm   16*450mm   22*450mm