Electromechanical Constructions

For electromechanical constructions, power generators, transformers, electrical motors, heating elements, electrical contacts, disconnecting switches, relais, etc.

Aluminium to copper flux cored brazing wire

Type Composition Brazing temp ℃ Flux Proportion Wire Diameter Note
Alloy Flux (wt%) (mm)
BD802 1# ZnAl alloy  Cs Al F 4 420-480 10-20% Φ1.6~Φ2.4 Copper to Aluminum brazing
BD822 2# ZnAl alloy 420-480
BD815 3# ZnAl Alloy 420-480

Phosphorus Copper Alloys

Standard Alloy Chemical Composition(%) Melting Range
Solidus Liquidus
AWS A5.8 BCuP-3 Cu:Bal.  P:5.7-6.1  Ag:5.0-5.2 643℃ 816℃
AWS A5.8 BCuP-6 Cu:Bal. P:6.8-7.5  Ag:1.8-2.2 643℃ 790℃
BCu86PSn Cu:Bal. P:6.5-7.5 Sn:6.5-7.5 640℃ 680℃