Plumbing Brush

General Tools Inner & Outer Wall Brush, Plumbers 4 in 1 Pipe Cleaning Tool, Tube & Fitting Brush, Plumbing and Pipe Deburring Brush.

Plumbing brush is ideal for cleaning copper plumbing joints prior to soldering and great for removing corrosion from battery terminals, tubing or black pipe.

  • Wire fitting brush with plastic handle
  • Included components: brush
Inner Wall Brush
Part No. Size
000367 1/2"
000368 3/4"
000369 1"
Outer Wall Brush
Part No. Size
000370 1/2"
000371 3/4"
000372 1"
4-in-1 Brush
Part No. Size
000373 1/2"

Application: Great for cleaning steel/copper parts, machinery, paint stains.

This 4 in 1 plumbing brush can remove rust without damaging the surface.

The cleaning tool is easy to use and can bring the pipe to shine again.